In order to cater for a wide range of price points our jewellery is a mixture of Costume Jewellery with the exception of some which are marked Sterling Silver/Stanless Steel/Platinum Plated in the product descriptions.

Costume Jewellery marked Copper/Brass need to be cared for properly and will tarnish over time if you do not follow the care instructions. The jewellery can also change colour over time with long term wear. Tarnished jewellery is not faulty if it has not been cared for Following the below instructions.

Oxidisation can occur with any jewellery especially when in contact with moisture and chemicals. Some oils in the skin can cause jewellery to oxidise quickly this is not a fault with the item.

Please note all plated jewellery including Sterling Silver will tarnish over time, this will happen especially fast if they come into contact with any chemicals.

Sterling SIlver items are made of some copper which when the 925 plating reacts with chemicals can tarnish and reveal the under layer. This is classed as wear and tear and is not a fault. You can purchase a replacement/replating fee of £8.50 if your item needs replating past the 40 days. Please see our Replacement/Repairs policy for more information.

AGAIN These must not come into contact with chemicals such as perfume/fake tan as this can change the metals colour. This would not be classed as faulty as it has not been cared for following the below instructions.  


PLEASE ENSURE you keep non Sterling Silver/Stainless Steel items away from water including showering and swimming (chlorinated water) do not wear on sunbeds. Please avoid your costume jewellery coming into contact with Moisturiser, Fake Tan, Sweat & Perfume. You should store your items in your Luxe Emporium jewellery boxes when they are not being worn.

If you have any questions regarding any of our materials please contact us on before purchasing and we would love to assist. 

Tennis Necklaces/Luxe Cross

Please do not twist or bend the chains as the links can snap. If they do snap this is due to them being twisted or bent not due to a fault in the chain. If the chains do snap this is not a fault due to the delicate natures of the chains. 

IMPORTANT - if you have sensitive skin we do not reccomend wearing any kinds of metal on the skin. If you are aware you have sensitive skin and are prone to reactions we advise you not to purchase any fashion jewellery and take no responsibility or liability for any reactions that take place.

It is the customers responsibility to take all precautions as we are unable to be aware of each individuals allergies and sensitivity.